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Conservation Initiatives
The Honey Bee Project
Elephants hate bees!  By placing bee hives between human settlements such as the Chepang community and elephants, we naturally mitigate human-elephant conflict while creating sustainable honey product that the community can sell.  This is critical to help support the community financially as their knowledge of wildlife led them to become main guides for rhino poachers in Nepal's darker past.  They have since become stewards of protection and we want to help sustain their community as well.

We are currently gathering information from our partners in Tanzania to help us determine the best species of bee to use, and a construction cost analysis is currently under way.  We hope to break ground on this project in 2017.

Tanzania Community Soccer Tournaments - A Conservation Partnership
The popularity of soccer brings communities together and heightens awareness to the plight of declining elephant and rhino populations around Serengeti National Park.   Tanzania has lost half of their elephants in just the last five years and have less than 100 Black Rhino remaining.   By involving local youth and former poachers in sports, we've found a passion in the teamwork that unites communites around the sport and in saving the animals.
KACF Community Soccer Conservation Partnership

Anti-poaching Motorbikes & Solar-Powered Electric Fence
In 2010 and 2011 we started our Team Nepalorado initiative by raising $22,000 from conservation book sales to purchase motor bikes for the anti-poaching units in Chitwan National Park.  We also helped construct fencing to lessen human/wildlife conflict.


Camera Trap Surveys in Nepal
We provide camera traps and SD memory cards for PhD candidates to survey wildlife populations throughout the national park system in Nepal.  This allows our interns crucial field experience.


Youth Trash Reclamation Project
Starting in 2015 we began partnering with Ritika Prasai, a Forestry student from Pokhara, Nepal.  Ritika started a youth-movement to help clean trash from the Nepal countryside.  She is helping to change the mindset of her nation.


Wildlife Veterinary Hospital & Orphan Rhinos in Nepal
With a wild population at only 3300 animals, Greater One-horned Rhinos are critically endangered. Every year we encounter orphaned animals that we help care for. Donations go toward medications, food, care and transport.  Some of our assisted orphans include Narayani, Biru and Bongi.

Since 2012 we have been donating to the construction of a new wildlife veterinary hospital in Chitwan National Park.


Chepang Community Sustainability
The Chepang Community lies on the outskirts of Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Their knowledge of wildlife led them to become main guides for rhino poachers in Nepal's darker past. We are helping them to fence in their lands, create a tourist lodge and become wildlife rehabilitators. This will sustain their community and save neighboring rhino populations.


Eco Club Street Drama Support
Conservation-minded students in Bardia National Park, Nepal go to surrounding rural communitites and present wildlife theater. These delve into conservation topics such as poaching and human-elephant conflict. We are partnering with these youth to provide school scholarships, portable microphone systems, costumes and props.


The Marla & Frank Freymuth Conservation Scholarship
We provide travel scholarships to students who journey with us in the name of conservation. This continues our efforts in providing assistance for future generations of conservationists.

Recipients of the Marla & Frank Freymuth Conservation Scholarship:


Veterinary Medications for Nepal
We partner with Dr. Felicia Knightly of the Memphis Zoo and the Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colorado to purchase much needed tranquilizers to help capture man-eating tigers in proximity to Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

These medications have been hand-delivered annually to Dr. Kamal Gairhe since October of 2013.


Penguin Conservation
In an effort to stay true to our mission to help save Earth's remaining ecosystems and the animals they contain, we sent Stacy Johnson, fellow Denver Zookeeper, to South Africa to work on a chick bolstering project with SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds).


Sea Turtle Conservation - Giezi Gomez
To keep empowering our future generations of conservationists, we partnered with our local Explorer post and sent Giezi Gomez to Mexico.  He worked at a turtle conservation center for a month and took much needed donations and supplies.


Elephant Footcare Equipment
We purchased and delivered elephant footcare supplies, including blades, handles and rasps
to elephant teams in Sauraha, Nepal.

These elephants provide tourism support and do anti-poaching runs to protect wildlife.